End-of-season maintenance – 2022

End-of-season maintenance:

-inspected and repacked wheel bearings
-inspected and adjusted trailer brakes
-inspected tires
-inspected and greased suspension
-greased stabilizers
-painted RV frame, springs, and rear bumper, stabilizers
-sanitized fresh water system, flushed and winterized.
-inspected and cleaned roof
-installed new awning
-installed new microwave
-washed, cut, waxed entire exterior
-plugged or re-plugged all mouse entry points

-vacuumed and deep-cleaned entire interior

-cleaned windows

-restrung broken blinds


-awning $165
-microwave $185
-grease $10
-supplies $40

-labor $0

TOTAL $400

Dave washed, polished and buffed the entire exterior, while I cleaned the windows. He also vacuumed and I deep-cleaned every surface of the interior.
Dave, greasing the bearings.
Dave, working on all of the suspension-related maintenance.
The awning was in pretty rough shape after many years of sun and weather exposure. With a few minutes of assistance from our neighbor (who is taller and stronger than me), we replaced it ourselves.
The string on some of the blinds had almost completely frayed. I restrung them, which was a tedious process, but I saved a lot of money.
After 497 nights of camping, we replaced the original microwave. I can’t wait to use it! It was taking 3 minutes just to reheat a cup of coffee.