Prepping for our Badlands trip

New RV folding chair, replacing one side of the “Denny’s Booth”. Less weight, more space and Dave now fits!

I’m so excited I’m struggling to sleep at night. I can’t wait to be on the road with new adventures every day! Planning the trip got me through the pandemic stay-at-home orders and now it’s actually happening! Wednesday we leave the Detroit area, heading north toward Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (the UP), on our way to the Badlands, Mt Rushmoore and Deadwood, then back to the UP for a couple of weeks.. Every campsite is booked, except for our boondocking sites.

We spent 3 days cleaning the RV, inside and out and made some changes for easier travel, with less weight. We also created our detailed checklists for hitching and unhitching and lists of what we need to bring. Our 9-day mini-tour around Michigan helped us to tighten up our inspection process and understand what we need to bring. We purchased parts and gear for the RV. I found hiking boots and shoes and shorts for mountain biking. The route is entered into the Good Sam Club route planner, so we know the best route and fuel stops for RVs. I even learned how to use this blog software, sort of….. All that is left to do is final grocery shopping and packing. Badlands, here we come!